The Different Types of Graphic Design

Graphic design undoubtedly covers many different topics, and perhaps potential students may not know what area to specialize in. This blog will go into great detail on all the aspects of graphic design and guide readers to their preferred choice of career. Industry experts will discuss visual identity, marketing, advertising, user interface, publications and packaging. Visitors to this fascinating blog will enjoy reading about the importance of using visual compositions in graphic design to help solve problems, communicate ideas, and create a brand. Other articles will discuss motion graphics and the art of animation.

Learning Layouts and Composition

21 Mar 2022

Among the many components of a successful design are its layout and composition. There are five principles to remember which are proximity, alignment, repetition, white space, and contrast. Newly qualified graphic designers will need to spend many hours experimenting with all these crucial areas to develop pleasing artworks.

Typography in Graphic Design

15 Feb 2022

Those who are not in the design or marketing industries will probably not even notice the variety of typography that is all around us. However, it is a key element of graphic design, and knowledge is required on how to put different fonts together for the best effect.

Understanding Color in Graphic Design

11 Jan 2022

Color is actually a very complex subject and there is much more to it than may have been taught at school. For example, graphic designers will need to understand value, hue, and saturation. Choosing the right color can make all the difference when it comes to designing everyday objects.

The Fundamentals of Graphic Design

5 Dec 2021

Those individuals who are actually interested in a graphic designer career will first need to understand the essential elements. These are line, form, shape, and texture, with balance and the rule of thirds also being of importance. If you are not creative, you should study other people's designs for inspiration.